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DCRP is a small but active Xbox role playing community, looking to provide the best roleplay experience for all members. Currently having a session every night, giving you the chance to build a story of your own for every character you play! This is very important to us to create a very diverse roleplay with friendly faces! Our main goal in this community is to be realistic as all the others, but to make sure we provide it in a fun and entertaining matter.

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When you join our community you may join up to two Departments. Whether it be as a Civilian to build a story and give the cops something to dom or run the streets as an LEO. Maybe though you like to fight fires and save people and want to become Fire/EMS. Or you just want to talk and be a Dispatcher. We offer all departments!


Something we like to do that is different from most communities is we have the ability to purchase properties and vehicles. This makes it the most realistic roleplay can be and allow growth to show in your characters. Will you become the average joe with your two car house, or will you rise and become a multi-millionaire. It is up to you!



We pride ourselves in giving all members endless possibilities to enjoy roleplay as they please and allowing them to choose freely on how they want to roleplay ruining it for others.

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